BK8 Free Credit and Bonus & Promotions and VIP Program


Before now, it’s a simple truth that BK8 wasn’t among the top online casino websites. However, in recent years, hardly will you find any gambling site that can beat BK8 online casino Malaysia in terms of customer satisfaction and high-quality products. On the popular gambling page, players from different parts of the world relish the commitment and experience of the team behind BK8. This is exemplified by the increasing positive feedback and excellent reviews about the unique betting site.

The huge reputation and credibility of the BK8 are attributed to many factors. Among them is the provision of the latest BK8 games and betting options using high-end gambling software and technology. More so, every form of a game that players can think of is readily available on the famous betting site. Whether you want a classic game such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and Sic Bo, or modern slot game titles, BK8 ensures that players are never short of betting options.

While the multiple-choice of games is one thing, the incredible collection of online software providers is another. On BK8, players access different forms of reputable game developers, including Evolution Gaming, Playtech, ALL Bet, Dream Gaming, Pragmatic Play, 918kiss, Mega888, etc. For this reason, the available list of games on the betting site is only expected to continue growing.

Aside from the fact the games come with impressive graphics and interactive gameplays, all betting methods on BK8 are rewarding. This is because BK8 only works with online game software providers that offer an impressive payout for games and betting odds for sports betting. By the way, most games and betting on the reputable online casino Malaysia are accessible on mobile apps. In other words, BK8 supports mobile gaming, which increases the convenience and the game time for players.

Arguably, the most exciting parts of the gaming and betting options on BK8 are the available bonuses and the VIP Program. As far as the Asian gambling industry is concerned, not many online casinos are as generous as BK8. For those who are new to the renowned betting platform, here is an enlightening read about the available bonuses and the VIP program on BK8.


Various Type of Bonus and Promotions



As suggested earlier, BK8 is full of exciting offers in the form of bonuses and promotions. The well-organized betting site even has specific offers for new members, special members, sportsbook lovers, live casino enthusiasts, and slot game players. However, once you register as a player, nothing stops you from enjoying all bonuses and promotions from the categories. To have a good understanding of the available bonuses and promotions on BK8 online casino Malaysia and Singapore, let’s shed light on some of the most popular and exciting offers.


Welcome Bonus



Once you register on BK8, there are a couple of welcome bonuses to enjoy. New players get to enjoy 100% sports welcome bonus, 50% live casino welcome bonus, and 100% slots welcome bonus, having 12x, 25x, and 12x turnover, respectively. There is also the Mega888 and 918kiss 150% welcome bonus for slot games and fishing games. All you need is to send the minimum amount into your casino wallet and use the applicable promo code from the promo code dropdown menu. Welcome bonuses on BK8 are not only lucrative but easy to use.


Deposit Bonus

In addition to the welcome bonus, the deposit bonus is another attractive deal for new customers. On BK8, players get access to interesting offers, such as Touch’N Go first-time deposit and Bitcoin, Ether & USDT deposit bonuses. Once you deposit a specific amount that makes players eligible for the bonuses, you become entitled to a cashback on your main wallet. 

From BK8’s deposit page, you simply need to click “APPLY NOW” and submit the necessary details to claim the bonuses. Click the Register link below to start your BK8 journey.


Reload Bonus



A returning player on BK8 is eligible for daily reload bonuses. Players relish a 10% sports daily reload bonus and 10% live casino daily reload bonus on the famous betting site. Simply transfer the minimum amount of MYR50 into your sports or slots account to become entitled to the promotion. From there, use the promo code to claim your prize.


Cash Rebate

On BK8, players relish several daily cash rebates on different betting options. As a regular player, you get access to 0.5% sports rebate, 1% Basketball special rebate, 0.7% virtual sports rebate, 0.5% live casino rebate, and 0.9% slots rebate. The bonuses become bigger as you climb up the VIP member tier. The daily rebate period starts at 00:00 (GMT +8) and ends by 23:59 (GMT +8).


Other Exclusive Bonuses

BK8 also offers other exciting bonuses, freebies, and giveaways such as Eurocup Deposit Reward, Crypto Lucky Draw, Weekly Betting Streak Bonus, and VIP Weekly Rescue Bonus. Additionally, the popular online casino Malaysia players get BK8 Instant Birthday Cash Bonus, Referral Bonus, and other seasonal bonuses.


About BK8 VIP Program



Every player on BK8 has an equal chance of becoming a Very Important Person (VIP) on the renowned betting site. The online casino team set up the BK8 VIP Program to reward the players that continues to remain loyal to the brand. As you play more using real money, you get a higher rank. The VIP Program features a plethora of benefits worth looking forward to. 


General Questions about BK8 VIP Program

Below are the frequently asked questions about the VIP program on BK8.


How does it work?

BK8 VIP Program is easy to understand and scale up to enjoy the numerous benefits. First off, you need to register as a player. Then, it’s pertinent to verify your identity before you can join the VIP Program. After playing for a while and you have made a minimum deposit of MYR 50,000 in a month, you will enter the bronze stage. From there, you get a chance to scale up the VIP rank, depending on if you spent the required amount to unlock a new stage per month. The highest level is Diamond, which requires that a player must have spent at least MYR 2,000,000 in a month.


What is the benefit of BK8?



Several exclusive benefits are attached to BK8 VIP Program. While some come as services, others are bonuses. Among the categories of benefits dedicated to VIP members include deposit priority, seasonal bonuses, special rebates, subscriptions and events access, referral bonuses, and many more. Each category features individual benefits that are unlocked based on the VIP member tier.


What is the VIP referral extra bonus?

This extra bonus allows VIP members to refer a friend or relative to the renowned online casino Malaysia platform. Once the relative joins, both the referrer and the referee receive a referral bonus of MYR 1,000. Additionally, the referee will become a valid VIP member. However, only referrals for first-time VIP applicants can utilize the referral bonus.


Register an account at BK8 and claim more exclusive bonuses and promotions today! You can read our “How to Register BK8 Account” article or direct click the button below to register a BK8 account.