Texas Hold’em Poker – The Basics to Enjoy the Game

Texas Hold’em Poker

In the 2000s, social media was just making innovations, and this is where Texas Hold’em Poker made its entry. The entire world was experiencing social media games and poker too. This was when a gambling game was making it mainstream and who wasn’t enjoying it?

Earlier in the land-based casinos along the Strip, the game was popular only in the Asia country such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and so on. Of course, the gamblers visiting the States would also enjoy it. But when it became online, the game found international fame. Casinos in Europe and now even in Asia like the BK8 online casino Malaysia have Texas Hold’em Poker too.



What is the Poker Game Like

What is the Poker Game Like

What is the Game Like?

Texas Hold’em is a poker game of cards and is a popular version, and it also has a Tournament style approach. The game is available for playing online or offline. Each of the players gets 5 community cards or Open cards and 2 private cards. You can now play online poker game in BK8 IDN Poker game software providers.

The player would get two cards on the table face down. These are called Hole cards. There are five cards with their face-up on the table, too, and they are called the Community or Open Cards. 

When a player gets their first two hole cards, they begin betting. They start with a small blind betting and then a big blind. These are the compulsory round of bets or what the gamers call as Forced Bets. 



The Purpose of Texas Hold’em

The Purpose of Texas Hold’em

The Purpose of Texas Hold’em Poker

What is the main goal of a game? You can take the game forward with your betting skills. On every hand, the players try to get the best five-card hands per the poker hand rankings.

The results will be as per the decision you take. The players will have to guess and get an idea of how good or bad the other players’ cards are. You may try to use skills and strategies too, like Bluffing and more, to get the right results.

You may call or match other players’ bets. Raise the size of the bet after you check or decline to make a bet too. If you want to withdraw from the hand without caring for the bets you have already made, you can do that too. This is called Fold. 

There may be a time when you may not have sufficient chips to call a bet. In that case, or when the all-in player wins just the number of chips in the pot, the scenario is called All-in. 

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More Important Points to Note

More Important Points to Note

More Important Points to Note

After a dealer deals the cards, the first player has to decide whether you should bet or not, depending on the quality of the cards.

Note there are specific hands to use to win. These are of the exact value as mentioned here, and so you should consider this before betting. The ranking of the hands is in the order of Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs, One-Pair, and finally High-card. There are more poker rules you need to know before your online poker gameplay in BK8.

The first player will not be getting permission to check in the first round of betting. They can decide whether to bet on the quality of their hole cards to the dealer’s left. 

After the first player makes the decision or calls, other players on the table take turns to do one of the following- call, raise or fold. This will continue till it returns to the first player. 

Since the first blind is already made, the first player can now fold and no longer call. They can still check or raise. You may again bet, and it will continue as other players bet on their chips and add them to the pot. 

The action begins now when the dealer does something to bring in a thrill to the game. They remove or what the players call as ‘burn’ the card. Then he will deal the flop. What is a flop? It is when they turn the three cards up with their face up. 

The other players who are still playing on this hand will now decide what kind of hands they have. You may use hole cards, three flop cards, and two additional community cards. 

The player on the left of the dealer will place the bets now and then continue. The others will continue to check, call, or raise and even fold. The game ends when all the players spend their chips or put into the pot and then check.

The game progresses with further burning by the dealer and betting and then dealing the fifth or final community card. These will also continue and give the players more chances to bet and continue with the game. 

Learn about the betting hands, and the wins, and more strategies to ace the game. The joy of playing Texas Hold’em poker is unparalleled, and the charm is sure to wow you every time you visit a casino online.


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