Fish Shooting Games in BK8


Fish shooting games are among the most popular online casino games that many gamblers worldwide love to play. Those games are fun when you know what you should do. Their simple rules and straightforward UI are some of the reasons anyone, including those new to gambling, finds it obvious to choose fish shooting games over several other casino games.


If you love playing fish shooting games, BK8 is one of the online casinos that will give you the best playing experience. The simplicity of fishing games means one can play them to relax after a long day at work. Unlike most online casino games, Fish shooting games need some skill and decision-making in determining what fish to shoot and when to shoot it.



Fish Shooting Game Software Providers in BK8



The primary software provider for the fish shooting games on this website is Spadegaming, one of Asia’s most successful game providers. Besides the slots, they also have well-built fish shooting games that are engaging and fun to play. All their games are certified by the most trusted online gambling regulators to ensure their games meet the minimum fairness requirements.


Let’s take a look at the two most popular fishing games you can play at BK8


1.      Fishing God



Fishing God is one of the most rated fishing games that millions of gamblers worldwide love to play. This game is loved by many because of its appealing graphics, HD sounds, and well-timed animations. The UI of this game is also straightforward, so you don’t need to read any user manual to get started playing this game.


This fish shooting game has three main control buttons at the bottom menu of the screen. These buttons are the; aim, Auto shooting, and shooting buttons. The aim button is for directing your gun, the auto shooting button is for triggering the auto shooting command, and the shooting button is for manually shooting. These are the only buttons you will have to play around with while playing this game.


With this game, players can choose their skill level before getting started; the skill options you can select include; junior, expert, and Godlike. The choice you choose determines the level of difficulty you will face while playing the game. However, the Godlike (most challenging) option earns more points than the first two slightly simpler levels.


Like most games at BK8, Fishing God also has the demo option, so you can take advantage of this option to get used to the game before playing the one for cash. The demo has a limited number of credits that you need to carefully use before they get done. While shooting, you will have to mind your accuracy and how much you wager for each round of the game.



2.      Fishing War



Unlike Fishing God, this game has Seattle graphics ideal for people who don’t like striking colors. It is also a game built by Spadegaming, one of the best fish shooting game providers in the world. Besides the good graphics, this game has a high definition, and Seattle sounds that will keep you engaged while playing.


Fishing war has 5 control buttons that you will use to control the various aspects of the game, and these include; Auto, double, lightning, target, and shooting. The players can use any of these controls based on what they intend to accomplish with the game. Like all fish shoot games, the goal is to shoot as many fish as possible to earn points. The points you acquire will determine if at the conclusion of the game you win or lose.


This fish shooting game also has a demo version that players can use to test their skills and to get used to the game interface before they start playing for real cash. The demo comes with 2000 credits that you are supposed to use sparingly with the game to ensure you learn something before they are all used up. However, if they get used up, you can refresh the browser tab where the game is loaded, and you’ll be given the option of starting afresh.


3.      Alien Hunter



Alien Hunter is the brand new online fish shooting game in BK8, it is quite similar to both fishing games above but you might found more different favor in terms of their game interface and experience.


Join BK8 to Play Online Fish Shooting Game

If you want to play Fishing war or Fishing God, you will have to create a BK8 user account to gain full access to all the features that any of these two games have to offer. Creating an account at BK8 is pretty simple; all you have to do is click the “JOIN NOW’ button at the top right corner of the homepage. You will then be required to input your details that include; your desired username, password, age, and referral ID. You can read our “How to Register BK8 Account” article or direct click the button below to register a BK8 account.






The information you share with BK8 is used to make your user experience better and ensure your account is safe and can only be used by you. None of your information is shared with any third-party data vendors. Once you have joined BK8, the next step is depositing money in your wallet to get credits that you will use to wager on games.



BK8 Bonus and Promotions for Fishing Game

Besides the fun you will get from the well-built fishing games on this website, BK8 also has some bonuses and other forms of freebies for you. Some of the bonuses that you will qualify for once you are a member include the welcome bonus (up to 150% of your first deposit), daily reload bonus, unlimited reload bonus, birthday bonus, referral bonus, and many more.


BK8 also has many other freebies that you can win, including the latest gadgets and cash. Please note that some of the bonuses that BK8 offers are seasonal, so you should always check their promotions page for more reliable information about the available bonuses. You may also contact their support team for more guidance on how you can win any of the bonuses offered on the website.