Allbet Live Casino

Allbet Live Casino

You cannot talk about the top-rated online casino software providers in Asia without having Allbet on your list. Allbet launched in 2014, but it has become a household with less than seven years in the industry. The quality of games they develop and their reliable customer support are among the top reasons many gamblers have become loyal to Allbet.


Allbet also has a talented and experienced team that has helped the company develop several innovative ideas and products. Their live casino games are presently among the finest available. Allbet also partners with top-notch casino brands in Asia such as BK8 online casino Malaysia.


This online casino software provider is a legitimate brand with headquarters and live studio located in PBCom in Makati Central Business District in the Philippines. Their live games are licensed and regulated by the authority recognized by the government of the Philippines, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).


In addition to the above license, Allbet is also authorized by the third-party testing house Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).



Overview & Quality

Allbet Overview & Quality

Allbet Overview & Quality

As far as game quality is concerned, Allbet is one of those online casino software providers you can count on. The quality of their work is evident in the many live casino games they provide to the online casino websites they partner with. The UI of their games is also well designed, with appealing graphics and smooth animations that make the whole playing experience seamless. 


Games built by Allbet are also responsive, which makes them fun to play on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Having games that are well optimized for mobile devices is a plus for Allbet because many gamblers today use their mobile devices to access online casinos.


You will also not need to download any dedicated application to play Allbet games since they can be played within the browser. For the best playing experience, we recommend using top-rated browsers like Google Chrome Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Using browsers that are not well-optimized for streaming these live games will ruin your playing experience.



Live Casino Games in Allbet

Allbet has a wide range of games, but with this article, we shall cover their top-rated games that include live blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, and Live Bull Bull. Let’s dive in!


  1. Live Blackjack

Blackjack (game of 21) is one of the most popular games that I believe everyone reading this article already knows about. More than three centuries have passed since the invention of this game. The good news is that up until now, the game’s basic rules have stayed unchanged. That means someone who played blackjack back in the 50s can still play the online version that Allbet offers without any significant challenges.


Allbet’s version of blackjack maintains the classic look of this game, so online players will have almost the same experience as the players playing this game right from the real casinos. The sounds from the casino and the live dealers can still be heard in the live stream. For those who want to create a real casino experience, you may opt to play this game while your device is connected to big speakers or high-quality headphones. Learn more about how to play blackjack in BK8 online casino.



  1.     Live Roulette

Allbet Live Roulette

Allbet Live Roulette

Live Roulette is a game of luck, and this doesn’t change with Allbet’s version. The game is also among the oldest and the most popular casino games you will find at several online casinos on the internet. Allbet’s version of Roulette maintains the same fundamental rules that this game has had for centuries.


However, they gave it a touch in the graphics of the live stream to make it appealing to the new generation of gamblers. Allbet adopted the European variant of Roulette which considers numbers ranging from 0 to 36. That means the probability of predicting the correct number where the ball stops is 1/37, which makes it harder to predict compared to the popular version that considers 36 numbers (1 to 36).


The good news is that Roulette has other easier betting options besides predicting the exact number. Some of these options include the color of the number, a combination of related numbers, and many more. So, read through all the options Allbet offers before making a choice.



  1.     Live Baccarat

Allbet live baccarat

Allbet live baccarat

Live Baccarat is another popular game that Allbet offers. It also largely depends on luck, just like most online casino games. Allbet’s live baccarat takes on all the fundamental rules this game has had for centuries. So, the skills and knowledge required to play the game are similar to that of real online casinos.


Allbet offers two versions of Live Baccarat, including the standard and no-commission live dealer baccarat, played with eight decks of cards. The game also gives players a view of the counter that displays the time for placing bets.


  1.     Live Bull Bull

Allbet Live Bull Bull

Allbet Live Bull Bull

Bull Bull, also known as Chinese poker, is a traditional Chinese casino game that they have been playing for years. Allbet maintains all the cultural aspects of this game in the graphics of its live feed in order to make the playing experience similar to that of playing the game in real casinos.


The live feed shows the dealers of the game and the real-time results on the bottom screen, which makes it easy for players to follow what’s happening. Like most Allbet games, this game’s live stream comes along with the sounds to give players a live casino kind of experience.



Final Verdict

Overall, the experience of playing live casino games by Allbet is excellent, especially if you choose a game you enjoy. Like with all casino games, my recommendation is that you choose games that you feel connected to. You’ll be able to enjoy playing even if you’re having a bad day if you do this.


The good news is that all the games we have just shared above have high RTP (more than 97%) percentages, which is an advantage to the players.