Asia Gaming Live Casino

Asia Gaming Live Casino Games

Asia Gaming is among the leading and most reliable online casino software providers in Asia. This company started back in 2012 and is based in the Philippines – one of the Asia countries hosting most casino providers. Asia Gaming is known for creating casino games that embrace the Asia culture. In addition, PAGCOR, one of the world’s most reputable online casino authorities, has granted them a license.


Over the years, Asia Gaming has worked on a wide range of games, including Sic Bo, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. These games are built to create a playing experience similar to that in real casinos. The sounds from the real casinos where these games are streaming are also maintained to simulate a real casino environment.


Asia Gaming partners with some of Asia’s most popular casino brands, including  BK8 online casino Malaysia and many more. Together with its partners, Asia Gaming ensures its customers get helped by the support team whenever they have issues with their games. This level of customer service and the quality of games they offer are the reason many gamblers are loyal to them.  



Overview & Quality

Asia Gaming Overview & Quality

Asia Gaming Overview & Quality

When it comes to creating quality games, few casino software providers match Asia Gaming’s standards. They are among the few casino software providers that have consistently created smooth and bug-free live casino games in the last ten years. Their games are also very responsive, which makes playing them very intuitive on mobile devices.


Their games also don’t require downloading any dedicated app since they are playable within your device’s browser. For the best experience, we recommend using the top-rated browser apps, including Google Chrome Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. With relatively fast devices and a good internet connection, your playing experience with Asia Gaming’s games should be almost flawless.


We can’t talk about the quality of Asia Gaming’s games and forget to tell you how appealing their UI is. Asia Gaming always seems to make colour choices that match the game’s themes, which is a bonus to gamblers that are picky with colours. In addition to the appealing graphics, their games also have smooth animations that make transitioning between the game’s pages very fluid.



Live Casino Games in Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming creates a wide range of live casino games, but the most popular ones that we shall discuss here are Sic Bo, roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


Asia Gaming Live Blackjack

Asia Gaming Live Blackjack

  1. Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is among the most played games created by Asia Gaming, thanks to its easy-to-master instructions and a high RTP (over 98%) that attracts many gamblers. We also know this game has been around for many centuries, so its popularity doesn’t come as a surprise. However, Asia Gaming did an excellent job of ensuring the game maintains its classic look without compromising the quality of the UI.


It’s an easy game to pick up and play if you’ve never played it before. Getting as near to 21 as possible without going over is the objective of the game. Before the game starts, bets are placed, and both the player and the dealer are dealt with two cards; both of the player’s cards are face up where one of the dealer’s cards (hole card) is face-down.


If the player gets a 21 straight in the first round of dealing cards, then they’ve hit a blackjack. However, if they don’t get the 21, they will still have a chance of winning if the dealer’s hand is lower than theirs after the dealer reveals her hole card. The player can also get another card before the dealer shows their hole card in order to bring their hand even closer to 21.


Asia Gaming Live Roulette

Asia Gaming Live Roulette

  1. Live Roulette

Live Roulette is one of those fun live casino games that you can play even when you are tired because it has simple rules and doesn’t involve making any critical decisions. It is also a fairly well-known game, with a large following among casino goers. Asia Gaming did a great job with this game by ensuring it maintains the classic colours that it has had for centuries.


For those new to this game, here is how it is played: It involves spinning a ball around the roulette wheel, which has numbers demarcated on it. One through 36 are represented by red or black numerals. Players have a wide variety of betting options, including choosing one number, a combination of numbers, or the colour of the slot where the ball will stop.


Asia Gaming Live Baccarat

Asia Gaming Live Baccarat

  1. Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is another popular live casino game that Asia Gaming creates. It has existed for more than 3 centuries and is still going strong. The traditional version of Baccarat, as well as the Dragon Bonus, are also available at Asia Gaming. Subcategories of these variations include Insurance Baccarat, VIP Baccarat, and BID Baccarat, amongst others.


The good news is that all the fundamentals of the Baccarat played at real casinos still apply in Asia Gaming’s Live Baccarat that you will find at most online casino websites.


Asia Gaming Live Sic Bo

Asia Gaming Live Sic Bo

  1. Live Sic-Bo

We can’t talk about Asia Gaming and forget to tell you about their version of Sic Bo. Newcomers to Sic Bo may not know that it is a dice game with many possible outcomes and wagers. The dice are shaken with a mechanical container and then rolled over. You win if the result of the dice roll is the same as what you wager. It is this simple.


It also has an RTP above 97%, making it one of the most generous live casino games you can play on the internet.


Final Verdict

Asia Gaming is among the few online casino software providers that have consistently created great live casino games over the years. Their focus on maintaining the classic look of these games is one of the reasons many gamblers have stuck with them over the other available options. Their games also have high RTP percentages (often above 97%), another pull factor for most gamblers.