When looking for one of the best online casino affiliate programs, BK8 affiliate is a go-to option. Everything is very easy, from sign up process to payout.

Apart from providing one of the highest online casino affiliate commissions, this Malaysia affiliate program also offers constant support for navigating the entire process. People will not only enjoy playing their favourite live casino games but also earn money at home.

Join the BK8 Affiliate Program

BK8 affiliate program refers to a partnership program, where anyone can earn significant commissions according to the wagering activities of the players that they refer to BK8. With the combined strong heritage and efficient products, the company continues attracting and delighting players who look for an online betting brand they can trust.

Free and Easy Sign-Up Process

BK8 affiliate program process is very easy. Just fill out the given application form with all the necessary information. Then, submit it. There are no payment fees involved, unlike other affiliate programs.

Fast Approval

After applicants submit their application, they can sit back and simply wait for the approval. BK8 ensures that the approval process for their affiliate programs is quick and easy. They have a specific team that will handle the process. They will give an update within days of submitting the application.

Monthly Payment

After BK8 had the affiliate program members’ payment information, they provide a monthly payment. Members do not need to do anything. They simply have to promote the site. In exchange, they will earn high commissions.

Passive Income

With passive income, affiliate program members can earn an income with little or even no effort. Affiliates need to encourage their family and friends to sign up. They can build a site dedicated to informing everyone about the benefits of BK8, including the affiliate program.

Why BK8 Is The Best Online Casino Platform?

Also known as Bola King, BK8 offers a wide variety of casino games, covering live casino, poker, slot games, sports, e-sports, lottery and fishing games. They want to ensure that everyone’s gaming needs are provided.

BK8 is now considered as the best online casino platform. Visitors are greeted with a huge banner that features their latest games and promotions. The navigation process is very easy since the menu is found on the top. This gives easy access to every game and its features.

Interestingly, BK8 offers a mobile-friendly version of the games and supports different languages such as English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai and Indo. Players can enjoy plenty of bonuses and promotions, including Welcome Bonus, Daily Cash Rebate, Daily Reload Bonus, VIP Reload Bonus and Special Promotion. They can also join the affiliate program.

See How BK8 Affiliate Program Works

The Highest Commission Plan For Affiliate Partners

Determining the BK8 affiliate commission rate is very easy. Two factors are being considered: the total active player and a net loss of members. Please refer to the table below for a bigger picture:

Total Member Loss (USD) Total Active Player Commission Rate
1 & above < 5 12%
1 – 15,000 >= 5 28%
15,001 & above >= 5 40%
By Invitation 45%

BK8 offers a 40% affiliate commission rate, which is one of the highest commission bases in Malaysia for online casinos. Aside from getting this commission, affiliates can also earn a lifetime commission by referring players. The more they encourage family and friends to sign up, the more income they will get.

Company Revenues

BK8 has two types of revenue: negative revenue and positive revenue.

When the members’ total winnings are less than the losses, positive revenue is being incurred. As for the negative revenue, it is incurred once the members’ total winnings are more than the losses.

Sub-Affiliate Commissions

Affiliates can expand their career by building multiple businesses in other markets. They can develop second-line agents just as agents recruit agents. Once they have successfully referred other people to join the affiliate program, they have then become eligible to get an additional 10/5 commission according to the referral commission.

BK8 Affiliate FAQs

Q: What does the BK8 affiliate program mean?
A: BK8 affiliate program refers to a partnership program where you can earn commissions according to the wagering activity of a player you refer to BK8.

Q: Is it easy to join to be a BK8 affiliate?
A: Yes, all you need to do is to fill out the online registration form and submit it. BK8 will contact you within three business days about the approval. Besides, joining the affiliate program is free.

Q: Can I still join even if I don have a website?
A: joining the affiliate program will require the applicant to have their own page, website, blog or forum with online gambling central theme. However, BK8 affiliate will review cases individually.

Q: Is there a minimum withdrawal request amount?
A: Yes, the minimum withdrawal amount is IDR1000/THB1000/MYR100.

Q: When will my affiliate commission be paid?
A: The affiliate commission is paid on a monthly basis. That is approximately within three business days after the withdrawal is being submitted.

Q: Will negative balances carry over?
A: Yes. If you have negative balances, they are carried over from month to next. Meaning, you have to work off any negative balance before the payment.

Q: Is there a minimum number of players I should refer to remain active?
A: Yes, it is important for you to refer at least 1 active member and he/she must be actively playing on the platform.

Q: Will I earn a commission through my own deposit or wager?
A: No, it is impossible for you to earn any commission using your own account. In case you have created an account which is a referral of yourself, the said account will be terminated.

Q: Is my information secure?
A: Yes, your personal and fund information is secure with BK8. The platform does not rent or sell its affiliates’ contact information to anyone.

Q: How do I get my lost or forgotten password?
A: Affiliates who lost or forgotten their password can request for a password reset at aff.bk8my.com. Then, it will be sent to their email address.

Q: Can I change my account information?
A: Yes, you can change the account information by clicking on “My Account”.

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