Ocean King 2 Fishing Slot Game


Do you love playing fish shooting games or fishing slots? Then, you may have already heard of Ocean King 2. This arcade game accommodates up to eight players sitting together and enjoying it. It enables players to shoot various types of fish and win incredible prizes.  If you are new to Ocean King 2, keep reading and learn valuable ideas about it.


About Ocean King 2


Ocean King 2 is a popular fish game involving different fish species. The objective here is to kill fish with a gun to earn points. Players can choose from three gun settings depending on their objective and want to accomplish: aiming to the target, accelerated, and normal settings.

Sea creature species found in this game include:

  •         Darkness Monster 
  •         Emperor Crab 
  •         Octopus 
  •         Ancient Crocodile 
  •         Flying Fish 
  •         Lionfish 
  •         Butterfly Fish 
  •         Clown Fish 
  •         Fugu 
  •         Blazing Dragon 
  •         Killer Whale 
  •         Whale King 
  •         Shark 
  •         Lantern Fish 
  •         Spearfish 
  •         Flying Fish 

Some species are difficult to kill, including Emperor Crab, Almighty Octopus, the Darkness Monster, and Ancient Crocodile. However, killing them means more points. 

Meanwhile, this fish shooting game has high-resolution HD graphics, which boosts the sea creature’s liveliness with incredible imagery and ambiance. Players will feel as though they’re plunging into the depths of the ocean in this game. The game is exciting enough for players and onlookers. 



How to Play Ocean King 2

This arcade game allows a single player or multiple players. When playing with other players, the objective is to earn more points than them in a specific time frame. The player who kills more and most valuable sea creatures and gets the most points will be the winner.

Players need to get familiar with great weapons to get high scores, including:

  •         Flamestrike De-Buff. This weapon doubles or extends the amount of time players may shoot.
  •         Drill Cannon. This incredible weapon ricochets around the screen to destroy or defeat everything in its path. 
  •         Chain Explosion Crab. This weapon explodes three times. It moves around the screen and kills every fish with a maximum of 10X credits.

Here are the instructions for Ocean King 2’s gameplay:


Step 1: Log into the Online Casino Account 

First, players have to log into any reputable online casinos like BK8 online casino Malaysia. Then, they have to choose Ocean King 2 from the game selections to load the game and get started automatically.


Step 2: Choose a Weapon to Kill the Fish


Players can choose which weapons they want to use to kill the fish. Each of the weapons come with varying power level and net size. The game enables its players to change their weapons based on their strategy and how they want to play. They can do it by pressing the weapon change button. After all, sea creatures that are difficult to kill require more powerful weapons.


Step 3: Aim at the Target Fish 

After getting a weapon, players can start aiming for the fish they want to kill. They can use a joystick to aim and get direction to their gun to point at the fish they intend to shoot. Knowing the value of each fish will help them win big. 


Step 4: Shoot the Target Fish 

Once players become comfortable aiming at the target fish, they can start shooting. Press the shoot button to do the action. Aiming and shooting fish are performed within a short period since the target always moves. The faster the players aim and short the fish, the more points they earn at the end of the game.


Step 5: End the Game 

Once the shooting game is done, players can quit and get their earnings. The amount they will get depends on how many points they earn while playing.



Ocean King 2 Mini Games


Ocean King 2’s mini-games are one of the most entertaining aspects of the game. These games play a critical role in collecting more points while playing. They pop up within the game, and players must use them to earn extra points. 

  •         Chain Thunder 

This mini game comes with approximately nine fish species, such as Fugu, Butterfly Fish, Clown Fish, Snapper, Octopus, Spearfish, Lobster, Flounder, and Lionfish. Players can use the chain thunder to capture those nine fish species. The more fish they catch, the more points they will get.

  •         The Bomb Crab 

Once players capture the bomb crab, they will explode. Players can earn points based on the destruction level the bomb causes on the fish.

  •         Vortex 

All fish species have vortex feature apart from Bomb Crabs, Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Shark, and Devilfish. If players choose fish with a vortex feature, they can capture the rest of the fish, allowing them to earn some extra points.



Tips to Play Ocean King 2

No matter how long you have played fish shooting games like Ocean King 2, it is still best to have a strategy. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you should equip yourself with the following fish shooting tips:


Tip 1: Understand the Rules

Ocean King 2 Understand-the-Rules 

Before starting to play for cash, it is recommended to understand and master the game’s rules. That is why playing demo games is a good starter. From there, you can develop skills and get more familiar with the rules.


Tip 2: Do Not Only Focus on the Big Fish 

While shooting fish species with more points is tempting, do not ignore the small fish. Killing small fish species gives players points too. So, ensure a good balance between shooting small and big fish.


Tip 3: Consider Higher Bets 

The amount of money players bet can affect the probability of getting more points. For example, if they bet over 50 cents, they can enjoy higher points with 2 to 3 shots than when they place lower bets.


Tip 4: Know When to Stop

Just like other casino games, you should also know when is the right time to stop. While Ocean King 2 is an exciting game and provides incredible prizes, you should still limit the amount you bet. Once you reach the maximum bet without winning, you can try your luck the other day.

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