Play BK8 Slot Game with E-Wallet

Play BK8 Slot Game with E-Wallet

BK8 has been one of Malaysia’s most popular online casinos for a few years now. Their success has been mainly due to the quality of games they offer, reliable customer support, and their generous bonuses. Another reason behind BK8’s success is their friendly payment methods that make it easy for users to deposit and withdraw money from their casino wallet.


In today’s article, I will share how you can play BK8 slot games by depositing money using the e-wallet option on their site. We will also take you through some of the other payment options BK8 supports to help you choose the one you find most convenient.



About E-Wallet Casino Malaysia

About E-Wallet Casino Malaysia

About E-Wallet Casino Malaysia

For those hearing this term for the first time, an e-wallet casino refers to any online casino website with the option of depositing and withdrawing money using e-wallets. BK8 is one of the online casinos in Malaysia that accept e-wallet payments, so it qualifies to be an e-wallet casino.


E-wallet payments are very friendly for the customers because they are usually processed faster than direct bank transfer payments. They also support multiple banks, making it ideal for way more people than the direct bank transfer option. The two major e-wallet platforms supported by BK8 include; VADERPAY & HELP2PAY. Let me share more details about each of them.


BK8 E-Wallet

BK8 E-Wallet

BK8 E-Wallet


VaderPay is an online payments platform based in Malaysia and operates in several other countries within the southeastern regions of Asia. BK8 chose to partner with this e-wallet platform because it is among the country’s most reliable and trusted payment platforms. It also supports the most popular credit cards, including VISA and MasterCard. The platform also partners with most of the popular banks in Malaysia.



Paying with Help2Pay is a safe and secure method to pay for your goods and services. This platform is also among the most trusted e-wallets in Malaysia, thanks to its clean track record in the last couple of years. Help2Pay also allows deposits from multiple credit card platforms, including VISA and MasterCard. Like VaderPay, Help2Pay also works with all the popular banks in Malaysia.



Deposit with E-Wallet and Get Free Credit in BK8

Generous promotions and bonuses that BK8 offers to their customers are among the reasons this online casino is top-rated in Malaysia. The welcome bonus, which is granted to all new players following their initial deposit, is one of the several incentives available. With e-wallet deposits, new users will be given up to 150% welcome bonus credits.


These credits are transferred to your BK8 wallet and can be used to place bets on any game of your choice. If you are lucky enough, you can even win cash by placing bets using your bonus credit. Old players can also qualify for the daily deposit bonus. All they have to do is make deposits using any of the two e-wallet platforms we have just shared.



Other Payment Methods

Besides e-wallet, BK8 also has several other payment methods they support for both deposits and withdrawals. The reason for having multiple platforms is to ensure all site users have options to choose from whenever they want to make deposits or withdraw money after they have won a bet.

If you don’t find e-wallet payments convenient for you, below are other alternatives you can use to make deposits and withdraws on BK8.


1.      Online Banking

Despite the popularity of e-wallets, online banking is still one of the most used payments options by gamblers. Online banking involves transferring money directly from your bank account onto BK8’s account. To use this method, the bank with which you have an account has to be among the banks that BK8 supports. The good news is that most of the popular banks in Malaysia and some neighboring regions are supported by BK8.


However, before you deposit money to your bank, hoping to use it later to place bets at BK8, I suggest you first check the list of banks supported by this online casino. You may also inquire from their support team whether your bank is supported. If it is not among, you can always opt for any other payment methods they support.



2.      Local ATM Money Transfer

Another alternative payment method supported by BK8 is Local ATM money transfer. This payment method is also for people with accounts in Malaysian banks. So, you can use the ATM to make deposits to your BK8 wallet using the account number provided. One of the main benefits of using this method is that you won’t have to line up in banks to make deposits.

You simply have to visit any ATM within your area and make the deposit to your account. If you are unsure which account to deposit the money to, you can always contact BK8’s support team.



3.      Crypto Deposit

Another payments alternative that lots of gamblers in Malaysia use is crypto deposit. With this method, users can deposit to their wallets using any of the three supported cryptocurrencies. The supported cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH and USDT. For most people, bitcoin is the currency they are familiar with. However, Ethereum’s ETH and USDT are also starting to gain popularity in the last couple of years.


Using the crypto payment method has several benefits that include the following;

  •         Lower transaction fees: When you deposit to your online casino wallet with crypto, the charges are usually a tiny fraction of what you would be charged if you used alternative methods.
  •         It is borderless: Unlike the traditional payment systems restricted to specific countries and regions, cryptocurrencies can be used by anyone with no board restrictions.
  •         Less time to process transactions: Most transactions made with crypto are processed within minutes for both depositing and withdrawing.
  •         They gain value over time: If you leave your crypto winnings on your wallet for some time, you will likely withdraw more money (in terms of dollars) than the actual amount you won.
  •         Bonuses from online casinos: BK8 gives special bonuses to players who deposit with crypto. This bonus is usually a percentage of the total bonus and is credited to the player’s wallet after completing the transaction



Final Thoughts

e-wallet deposits are still the most popular on most online casinos, including BK8. People prefer this payment option to others, like as online banking since it is more convenient. The e-wallets that BK8 supports partner with almost every popular bank in Malaysia, making it easy for most users to make deposits on slot, live casino, poker, and many more online casino game.


Using crypto to make deposits also has benefits like lower charges and faster transaction processing. However, cryptocurrencies are still new, so people are still getting used to them. The good news is that BK8 gives users several payment methods to choose from, so choose one you are more convenient with.