How to Play Blackjack Online Casino Game in BK8?


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Players also love the online game software providers offering slot games on BK8. When players click on the live casino, they gain access to enjoy longstanding table games, such as Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and Blackjack.

Speaking about Blackjack, the famous table game has been around for many decades. Over the years, it has continued to see an increasing number of enthusiasts. It’s thus no surprise to hear that Blackjack is one of Malaysia’s favorite online casino table games like BK8. If you are not familiar with the table game and would like to know how to play the game, read this article!


What is Blackjack?




In simple terms, Blackjack is a card game that involves one or more players and a dealer. The players have the responsibility of contesting against the dealer – not to challenge each other. Blackjack is played in different continents, notably Asia and Europe. Please be sure to state that this is one of the most common table games in the world.

Given the number of regions and online casinos where Blackjack is played, it’s unsurprising to see a few variants having slightly different rules. 

However, generally, the same basic principle and rules apply. The dealer belongs to the online casino, and he or she is in charge of running every aspect of the game, including shuffling the card pack, dealing out the cards, and pronouncing the winner. 



How Does Blackjack Work?



At the beginning of the game, you need to purchase chips using your real money. Then, you bet by placing your chips on the designated spot. Once every player has placed their bet, they will receive two cards face down on the board – some casinos support facing up the cards. The dealer then took two cards, one face up and one facing down.

Every card from two to ten worth their pip price, which is the number on their faces. Jack card, King card, and the Queen card have a value of ten. It might be either one or eleven, depending on how the player decides to employ an Ace. A combination of the values of the cards in the hands of a player refers to a hand’s worth.

To increase hands’ value, players may take an extra card. When a hand has an ace that is valued at 11, it’s considered soft. Such a hand will not be smashed by taking an additional card. This is because the worth of the ace will turn to one so that the overall hand value does not pass 21. Otherwise, it is termed as a hard hand.

Once each player’s hands are finished, the dealer enters into play. The dealer will check whether he or she has a blackjack. The players determine how to play their cards if the dealer doesn’t possess a blackjack. Players could decide to hit by taking an extra card to increase their hand score or stand by keeping their hand.



All Terms Used When Playing Blackjack



Below are the common term used while playing Blackjack

  • Anchorman: This is the last player to perform before the dealer.
  • Bankroll: The available money for gambling is known as bankroll.
  • Burn card: This refers to the first card picked by the dealer with face down.
  • Blackjack:  This refers to the name of the game. Also, it is used for a perfect hand, including one ace and ten that makeup exactly 21 needed to win.
  • Cold Deck: When the shoe releases awful cards, leading to players’ losses, it is known as a cold deck.
  • Bust: A player runs out of money.
  • Double down: This is when a player is encouraged to increase the initial wager, perhaps due to having a promising starting hand, or the dealer appears weak.
  • House edge: This refers to the expected advantage that online casino possesses during a game.
  • Hit: This is when a player wishes for an extra card.
  • Surrender: Players can surrender their hands by taking no further action. The player will lose 50% of their stake in this situation.
  • Colour up: A player may choose to colour up some denomination chops if he has a lot of them. This means changing some small-value chips to higher-value ones.
  • Discards: This refers to all the cards that have been dealt by the dealer that are sitting idly on one side until a new shoe is required.
  • Multideck: Instead of using one deck of cards, many blackjack games feature multi decks, from six to eight decks at a time.
  • Flat betting: This is when a player bets the same amount of money after every hand.
  • Split: A player may choose to split when he receives two cards having the same value. When a player splits, he can play two different hands.
  • Stand: A player may choose to stand at any time when they like their first two cards or already taking a hit.
  • Pit: The table area is known as the pit.



Steps to Play Blackjack



Below is a step-by-step guide on how to play Blackjack

Step 1: Player bet

Purchase the Blackjack chips using real money in your casino account. Now, use some of your chips to bet by putting them on the designated spot, usually in your front.


Step 2: Dealer deals

At this stage, the dealer will release two cards to each player. The player could be face up or down, depending on the rules used by the Blackjack provider. However, the gameplay will proceed the same way. In addition to the cards given to the players, the dealer will hand himself two cards. In this scenario, though, one card is face-up while the other card is face down. The players need the information from the open card to consider how to play their hands.


Step 3: The player plays

Now, it is the turn of the player to play. If a player has an ace and a ten, that’s 21 in total and known as Blackjack. The player wins and gets paid off 3 to 2. If the dealer’s face is an ace, the player gets to take insurance. 


Step 4: Dealer plays

After dealing out the cards, the dealer checks their cards to see if it’s Blackjack. If it’s not, the players may choose to stand or hit. You may choose to take an extra card to increase the score in your hand. However, if the total hand value exceeds 22 or more, it is a bust, and you will lose. Hence, taking a risk is always a calculated risk to take. On the contrary, you may choose to keep your hand by taking no extra cards. But you lose if the dealer has a stronger hand. Hence, standing is also a calculated risk.



Experience Judging Cards While Playing Blackjack



Below are ways to judge cards based on the point at hand to win Blackjack games.


3 – 11 points on hand

If you have a hard hand and points up to 11, you should always double down to increase your chances of winning.


12 – 14 points on hand

If you have 12 to 14 points at hand, you are best advised to stand against dealers 2 through six. Or, you hit.


16 – 17 points on hand

If you have 16 points, it is preferable to stand against dealer 2 through a six. Otherwise, you should hit. However, if you are on 17 points, it is better to always stand.


18 – 20 points on hand

If you are on soft 18, you should double against dealer 2 through six, then hit against nine through ace. Otherwise, you should just stand. In a situation that you are in soft 19, you should double against dealer 6, or you stand. Always stand when you have 20 points.



Before Leave

And you’ve got the fundamental Blackjack guide there. The classic table game is one of the top betting options on BK8 online casino Malaysia. Hence, you are likely to meet some of the best bettors to have exciting gambling. Endeavour to master the game properly before putting a significant amount on your bet. With this guide, you can be confident of having a strong start to your next blackjack betting session. Good luck, champ!


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