Online casino is becoming famous today, most of the casinos are evolving from web-based online casino to mobile application (Mobile App) casino. BK8 has developed a mobile app for casino players which is BK8 App. The player who newly joins BK8 can follow our steps to install BK8 App and the advantages of play on casino app.


How to Install BK8 Mobile App

Here are few easy steps you need to follow to download BK8 Mobile App to your mobile device:

Step 1: Visit BK8 official site and select the mobile icon or search for the “DOWNLOAD” show as the images below




Step 2: You can choose to scan the code or go to BK8 mobile App, choose your mobile device system type “Android” or “iOS and directly download the files into your mobile device show as the images below:




Step 3: Sometimes your mobile device will ask for permission for downloading the application. In this situation, you need to select “Allow” to download in order to complete downloading and successfully install BK8 App into your mobile device.

BK8 mobile App install

BK8 mobile App install


Final Step: Once successfully install our App into your mobile device, you can now open the App and login to BK8 games interface. If you do not register an account yet, you can visit our “How to Register BK8 Account” and read our guidelines.

BK8 App access interface

BK8 App access interface


Advantages to Download and Play Online Casino Games on Our Mobile App

There are a lot of advantages that players can get by downloading and playing BK8 mobile casino App. These include:


  • High Security: We are very concern and care about our player’s security. Therefore, we develop our BK8 mobile App with our high-security system which players can only access and log in with their own fingerprint or facial recognition.


  • Express Login: Player can log in and play on BK8 whenever and wherever you are. We keep you logged in on and you are no required to look for a PC or laptop and key in your user and passwords.


  • Ease of making transactions: It is not only is it easy to log in and play, with a smartphone, you can also easily deposit and withdraw funds. The menu available on the smartphone is complete so you can run it easily.


  • Ease of giving referrals: It is undeniable that you can easily give referral codes to your friends via a smartphone. With this, both of you will get the bonus that we have provided!


  • Personalization features: With this application, you can personalize your account by changing the theme and creating a group of online casino games that you play the most.

Now you can download our App start by clicking the button below: