eBET Live Casino

eBET Live Casino

eBET started as a casino software provider for casino platforms in Asia but has now turned into a global brand. This casino software provider is based in the Philippines and is licensed by First Cagayan – one of the most trusted online casino software regulators globally. Their games are certified by GLI, a trusted and independent testing lab for casino games internationally.


Unlike its competitors like Evolution Gaming or Playtech, eBET focuses on creating well-optimized online casino games for mobile devices. That is why they have managed to create games that are almost 6 times lighter than those made by the competition. With this, eBET was named the “Best Mobile Application Provider” at G2E Asia.


You can find their games on most casino websites, including BK8 online casino Malaysia and many other top-rated casino sites in Asia. eBET’s games catalog is not as big as what most casino software providers offer because their focus is mainly on quality and user experience, but not quantity. They take their time to roll out new games. However, when they release one, it is always a top hit.


Overview & Quality

ebet Overview & Quality

ebet Overview & Quality

As I have shared with you earlier, eBET’s focus is on quality, which is evident in all the games they create. eBET offers a mobile app that makes it easier to gamble while on the go. Their mobile application and the individual games are very light and well-optimized, which enhances the loading speeds. In the end, this makes their games playable on even low-powered devices.


In addition to having well-optimized mobile games, eBET also puts a lot of emphasis on the graphics and animations of their games. Their games have appealing graphics and smooth animations that make it more natural for the players to stay connected to the games while playing. The live sounds from the casino are also maintained to simulate a similar experience like that in actual casinos.


Live Casino Games in Asia Gaming

eBET has a good number of well-built games, but for making this article brief, we shall cover only four of their best games.


1.      Live Blackjack

Even though blackjack was invented over 3 centuries ago, it is still among the most popular online casino games that you will find on almost every top-rated casino website. eBET’s version of blackjack integrates all the fundamental rules of this game that have been around ever since its invention.


Like the blackjack in real casinos, the main goal of eBET’s live blackjack is to get a hand with a value close to but not beyond 21. Both the player and the dealer get two cards after making their wagers. The player is given two cards, one face up and the other down. In contrast, the dealer is given two cards: one face-down (hole card) and the other face-up (community card).


If the player gets cards with a value of 21 straight in the first round, that’s a Blackjack. So, the player wins that round unless the dealer also gets cards with the same value. But if they don’t get the 21, they will still have a chance of winning if the dealer’s hand is lower than theirs after revealing her hole card. The player can also get another card before the dealer shows their hole card in order to bring their hand even closer to 21. Learn more about how to play blackjack in BK8 online casino.


2.      Live Roulette

ebet Live Roulette

ebet Live Roulette

Live Roulette is another interesting game created by eBET. Their version adopts the European variant of Roulette which includes a zero and numbers from 1 to 36. There are two cameras in this game; one focuses on the dealer, and the other focuses on the wheel. So, players have a clear view of all the events of the game.


After the player places their bet, the ball is spinned around the roulette wheel and left to whirl until it lands on one of the numbers demarcated on the wheel. If it lands in a number that the player predicted, then they win the bet.


3.      Live Baccarat

ebet Live Baccarat

ebet Live Baccarat

If you are looking for an excellent live baccarat experience, eBET’s version of this game will give you just that. Live Baccarat is one of many choices available at eBET. Other alternatives include VIP and VVIP Baccarat (both with Squeeze), and Sports Baccarat (both with Squeeze).


The good news is that all these options still maintain the same fundamental rules of baccarat that have existed for centuries. The game’s goal is to choose a hand with cards having a value that is close to 9. So, you can either choose the banker’s hand or that of the player and place a bet before the cards are dealt. Read our detailed guidelines on how to play baccarat online in BK8 before you place your bet.


4.      Live Bull Bull

ebet Live Bull Bull

ebet Live Bull Bull

Bull Bull is a traditional casino game that was played in china. Many people consider this game to be the Chinese version of poker since it uses almost the same principles and rules as poker. Asia Gaming was the very first provider for this game. However, several other online casino software providers, including eBET, have released their versions of Bull Bull.


To be honest, eBET’s version of this game is very intuitive, especially when played through their mobile application. If you haven’t played this game before, here are all its rules and the procedure for playing.


Final Verdict

In recent years, eBET has become one of the leading and most reliable casino software providers in Asia and is now attacking the global market too. Their focus on mobile-first online casino games has paid off thanks to their well-optimized games that have become a massive hit amongst many online casino players.