Crazy Monkey: NextSpin Slot Game

Crazy Monkey

Whether you are stressed or looking for a game to relax your mind, slots are always the best alternative compared to all other casino games. Slots are straightforward to play since they have simple rules and a minimalistic interface with few controls. The only action you’ll take while playing slots is selecting your betting amount and clicking the spin button.

BK8 is the go-to online casino for anyone looking for a great playing experience. They contain thousands of slots from some of the world’s biggest producers of casino software. One of the major providers for slot machine games on this site is NextSpin.


About NextSpin Slot Provider

About NextSpin Slot Provider

About NextSpin Slot Provider

NextSpin is a Swedish-based online casino software company. This company works with a number of online casinos around the world to provide them with some of the industry-leading slot machine games. In addition, they are known for building slots with simplified user interfaces that make it easy for non-experienced players to get started.

Unlike most casino software providers, the main focus of NextSpin is on slot machine games. NextSpin has created some of the most popular slots on BK8 and many more casinos in Asia. Most of their games have some connection with the Asian culture, which is why lots of players in the region love them.

NextSpin is also a trusted casino software provider because all their games are approved by the leading international gambling regulators like bmm test labs. So, anyone playing their games is pretty sure that they are up to standard and fair enough. One of NextSpin’s popular games among gamblers is Crazy Monkey. Below is everything you need to know about this game;


Introducing Crazy Monkey & Crazy Monkey Deluxe

About Crazy Monkey

about crazy monkey

Just like its name, Crazy Monkey is one of the funniest slot machine games created by NextSpin. Besides being funny, this game has a simplified UI that makes it very straightforward for anyone to get started, whether they have experience playing slots or not. Furthermore, you can play Crazy Monkey on your mobile device or computer since it is a browser-based game, so no need to download any application.

The little Monkey animation at the top right corner of the game’s UI is also fun to look at while playing. The exciting colors and sounds of the game will also keep both your eyes and ears engaged while playing the game. When it comes to money, you will win up to 2500X of your bet.


Game Overview & Quality

Crazy Monkey Overview

Crazy Monkey Overview

As far as quality is concerned, this game gets a 5-star thanks to its stability, well-built visuals, and sounds that enhance the whole playing experience. If you don’t like the sounds of the game, there is an option for muting them. This option is convenient, especially for those who would love to play this game in a quiet place.

Crazy Monkey is also well-optimized for desktops and mobile devices, so you won’t have any issues playing the game on any of these devices. The game is also relatively smooth and stable, and it will load in a few seconds as long as you have a stable internet connection and a moderately powerful device.

Speaking about devices, Crazy Monkey is supported by any device as long as it has an operating system that allows the installation of a browser. We advise you to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge and the Apple Safari for the best experience. These browsers are well optimized and will get the best possible performance from your hardware to give you a great playing experience.


Game Features

Crazy Monkey Game Features and quality

Crazy Monkey Game Features and quality

· The game supports up to 6 languages.
· It has an RTP rating of 96.88%, which is greater than what you will find on most of the slots on other online casinos.
· Players can select “BET” to switch paytable.
· It is supported on iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows.
· Players can win up to 2500X of their bet
· It has the Autospin option


Bonus Symbol

Crazy Monkey Bonus

Crazy Monkey Bonus

The bonus symbol for this game is Drum, and you can choose 2 or 3 multiplier reels to trigger the slot and get the bonus.


Slot Tips to Play

Below are some tips that you can use to get the best out of slot machine games, including Crazy Monkey;

· Have the discipline to play a few games: Jumping from one game to another will make you a master of none, especially if you keep switching games before you master the ones you started with. It is best to play about 2 to 3 games and then add more only when you become perfect at the ones you played first.
· Go for the Jackpot: While playing casino games, don’t hesitate to try out your chances on the Jackpot. Yes, you may have to bet more, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it when you win big.
· Play the maximum number of Paylines: With slots, the more the number of paylines you play, the more your chances of winning.
· Go for the slots with a relatively high RTP rate: You will have a higher chance of winning when you play slots with a higher RTP percentage. Therefore, we recommend slots with an RTP percentage of at least 96%. Crazy Monkey has 96.88%, so it is above our recommended average.
· Have a bankroll: For those who may not have heard of this term before, a bankroll is the amount of money you put aside for gambling. If you want to have peace of mind while playing slots, have a bankroll and always stick to the daily limits you set for yourself.


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