Fishing God: Spadegaming Fishing Slot Game

Fishing God Spadegaming Fishing Slot Game

There are many fishing games out there with real money exchange as well as attractive gifts; Fishing God by Spadegaming is part of them. This fishing slot game is filled with stunning and eye-catching features which are updated daily to improve the gaming experience.


Fishing Game Overview & Gameplay

Spadegaming Company’s Fishing God is a video fish shooting game in BK8 with a fishing theme, not a game of skill.

The game is easy to pick up and doesn’t need any prior knowledge or abilities. The moment the game begins, you find yourself in the middle of the ocean, and all you need to do is shoot the fishes or sea creatures racing on the screen.

The amount of money you get will directly be linked to the money you give out on bullets. Making the higher bet will permit going after larger fish, thus boosting the chance of earning. Over the course of this game, you’ll be given an array of different weapons; each one has different firepower. Depending on how big or small it is and the difficulty to shoot down, every piece provides different payouts.


Different Game Mode

Different Game Mode

Different Game Mode

Fishing God has three different game modes; easy, normal as well as hard modes. You have the chance to pick whichever mode you want to play. Also, you can enhance the efficiency by inviting friends to go along with you to the hunts.

  1.   Easy Mode: Here, a bullet is equal to 0.01 to 1 coin that is ideal for beginners.
  2.   Normal: The amount required to join this mode is 0.01 to 5 coins. You’re tipped to partake only if you had experience in this game for many years.
  3.   Hard: This mode is intended for those who like to invest to earn real money; it costs 1 to 10c coins.


Fishing God Game Features

Fishing God Spadegaming Fishing Slot Game

Fishing God Game Features

  •         This game runs perfectly and smoothly on all mobile devices without lagging, with full sharp standard images.
  •         There’s no way you are able to run out of coins. Promotions are always available, so players can play as long as they want without fear of bankruptcy.
  •         There are many players in this game due to the abundance of fish in the water. You have many types of fish to select from, and what is more, you will be provided with superior guns and bullets.
  •         Privacy of your personal details is assured.
  •         You get gifts according to the ranking in hunting. So, if you rank higher, you will get more gifts.
  •         Events happen simultaneously
  •         Customer service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to answer all your queries.


Hit the Bonus Point

Even if the additional bonus targets like iridescent fish don’t appear often but are easy to shoot every time, you just need to see it move slowly, smoothly moving to the center of the screen or across the screen, so you are able to concentrate on shooting it. Usually, the chance of dying is 90 percent.



Tips & Strategies to Play in Fishing

There are tips and techniques that you can follow to enhance the chance of winning. Some of these tips are as follows:

  •         Pay close attention to the points of every fish type: Each shooting game has its method of calculating points; however, in general, there are still 1, 2, 7, 10, 40, 50, etc. Don’t take the fish with higher points; the fewer points fish have, the simple and easy coins you get.
  •         Pay attention to the Speed of the Fish: Usually, a lot of people take this for granted when playing this game. After logging in, you’ll load bullets, pick the bet level, and press sequentially to shoot the ripple to the screen to catch the fish you like. However, you don’t notice that: even if the fish become visible on the screen, not all fish speed is similar.

Usually, the fish move slower than standard fish. A slow-moving fish will make it simpler to shoot, while fast-moving or missed targets make you often shoot extremely time-consuming.


Fishing Game Bonuses and Promotions

Fishing Game Bonuses and Promotions

Fishing Game Bonuses and Promotions

While hunting in the Fishing God game, you’ll have lots of chances to unlock promotions and bonuses. When a certain symbol appears, attempt to shoot it and get an extra multiplier or better weapon.

  •         Bomb Crab: You will boost your existing bet 120X. What is more, the crab will explode, killing all fishes nearby.
  •         Drill Crab: Your stake will be increased by 120X; however, this time, you will also get strong drilling cannon.
  •         Laser Crab: You’ll also get a laser gun that shoots fish in the path of the beam in addition to the monetary prize.
  •         Firestorm: Try the very powerful Rapid Fire Cannon that has 100 free bullets. The round lasts, provided that you have bullets available.
  •         Wheel Crab: Get this creature for bonus features and a 300X reward.
  •         Flash Jelly Fish: Aside from crabs, this one provides a 120X increase to the current bet. However, it also generates electricity by knocking down hit and miss fish.
  •         Golden Fortune Bag: See this symbol to boost the bet 200X and open the chance to bonus round. You’ll see three money bags with diverse prizes. Pick one in which you believe the greatest reward.
  •         Dragon King’s Treasure: It’s not difficult to deduce that this is a crucial round in the game. You will get a big cash prize if you catch the symbol.

Even if there is no traditional free spin as well as jackpot wheels, this fishing slot game is regarded as one of the most lucrative as well as a fun game. Here are some Bonuses and Promotions you can found in BK8 online casino Malaysia



There are more types of Bonuses and Promotions available in BK8!


To Sum Up

Fishing God is surely an extremely thrilling arcade game that a lot may enjoy. It enables you to pick from three diverse levels of betting as well as bet the amount you feel at ease with. Once you handle getting one of the special fish and game items, you can look forward to more rewarding results and a thrilling fishing adventure.


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