How to Play Sic-Bo Online: Best Strategy Guide

How to Play Sic Bo Online Best Strategy Guide

At first look, Sic Bo might appear intimidating to people who are new to the game. It can seem confusing with a table layout teeming with images of dice and numbers. Nonetheless, after you understand the betting options laid out on the table, playing and wagering become stress-free and simpler.


About Sic-Bo Game

About Sic Bo Game

About Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo, if you hadn’t guessed, is the Asian equivalent of the widely popular casino game craps. However, as with most old pursuits, this game spawned the dice games you know today. Craps may have surpassed Sic Bo in terms of popularity, but the game is seeing a resurgence as more Western players get familiar with other table games through the online casino gaming platform like BK8 online casino Malaysia.


The layout and rules of the game, as well as the related rewards, may be learned in only a few minutes by the typical reader. You see, this game is created from an old Chinese dice game.


How to Play Sic-Bo: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Play Sic Bo Step by Step Guide

How to Play Sic Bo Step by Step Guide

If you’re playing Sic Bo at a land-based casino or in an online live casino game, you’ll need three dice. You’re compelled to make a wager on one of the several wagering possibilities shown on the table. In a plastic cylinder, the dice are put and shaken vigorously.

In an online Sic Bo game, that’s done virtually. There will be a lot of names called out when the dice are rolled, and the winners will be spread out over the table. Betting on any of those spots means you’ll be paid based on the odds on the paytable.

Below is our simple guide on playing Sic Bo so that you will begin playing like a professional in no time.


  •         Place your bets – To begin, make sure you stake your chips on the outcomes you want to see. Keep in mind that you can place bets on an unlimited number of outcomes.  However, be sure you’re careful enough not to bet on results that contradict one another too often.


  •         Roll the dice – A few versions of the online Sic Bo game feature a liver dealer rolling the dice. In those RNG games, the player clicks the “roll” button to start dicing the roll.


  •         Collect all your winnings and place another bet – Have you placed a winning wager? After that, you may go ahead and claim your prize money. Online Sic Bo table games will take care of it for you. After that, you can place new bets and continue playing.


Sic-Bo Odd

Sic Bo Odd

Sic Bo Odd

Are you planning to play Sic Bo online today? The next step is to become familiar with the betting squares and the symbols that represent them. For beginners, we will consider the most commonly placed bets of the game: small and big.

The upper right-hand and left-hand corners of the betting grid are big squares featuring words Small and Big. After all bets have been placed, the dealer will roll a set of three dice to determine the final outcome. In addition, you should think about the Double and Triple bets, which require you to guess which two dice will have the same number rolled out.


For Small and Big Bets

For Small and Big Bets

For Small and Big Bets

Many players, from beginners to professionals, stick to these small and big bets, as they provide the most favorable house edge. Are you betting either small or big? Then it will help if you face a house edge of 2.78% and a probability of 48.61%.

If the dice fall in your favor and the sum you choose is reached, your wager will be returned to you at a 1 to 1 ratio. That should always be on your thoughts.


For double and triple bets

For Double and Triple Bets

For Double and Triple Bets

Double bets are portrayed on the grid next to the Small and Big bets, along with rectangular shapes featuring photos of two dice presenting matching totals. Between the Double betting, rectangles are the Triple betting rectangles. There are images of three dice showing the same totals on those cards as well.

A winning Double bet wages out at 8-to-1. The precise winning Triple bet pays out at 150-at-1. Those payout structures are the average online, but they can improve a bit in physical casinos. Further, the house edge on these Double Bets is 3.3% when the eight-to-one payout is utilized. Also, the house edge on precise Triple bets is 30.9%, whereas the Triple bet brings a house edge of 30.56%.  


Strategies to Play Sic-Bo Online

Strategies to Play Sic Bo Online

Strategies to Play Sic Bo Online

You can enhance your entire Sic Bo strategy and odds of winning by following some of these tips below. Remember that Sic Bo is a game of chance, but following these guidelines will help you maximize your chances of winning.


  •         Always practice with free Sic Bo game

Did you know that playing Sic Bo online is an excellent way to get familiar with the game itself? You may experiment with different bets, see which sorts of rolls hit the most frequently, and attempt different betting combinations.

Free Sic Bo is a great way to acquire a feel for the game without risking any money.


  •         Begin with simple bets

Begin with Simple Bets

Begin with Simple Bets

Other bets, like the exact triple bet, are uncommonly payouts. If you are only beginning with Sic Bo, feel free to give simpler bets a try. Furthermore, betting on a single die or a few of the more likely amounts have a better chance of winning than their riskier equivalents.


  •         Place your wagers such that the casino has a little advantage

Sic Bo, as previously noted, is a game of pure chance. Thus, there’s no exact strategy you can apply to it. Nevertheless, the ideal bets to place are Small, Even and Big, or Odd because they offer a lower house edge of at least 2.75 percent. Additional plays, namely the Triple Bets, carry a house advantage of up to 30%.


  •         Stay away from bets canceling each other out

Try pairing a Big Bet with a sum of 13 or 12 or a similarly high number. That will give you a shot at two victories. Stop placing your bets that contract each other like a sum of 8 and Odds.


  •         Always have fun

Ultimately, Sic Bo is made to be fun and entertaining. Always play to enjoy the entire experience. Take a break from real money wagering or try a different game if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed and learned something from today’s post. Use the information above when you start playing Sic Bo. 


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