Betradar Virtual Sports Betting and How to Play in BK8

Betradar Virtual Sports Betting and How to Play in BK8

Virtual Sports Betting has been a popular hobby for years and in the past few years, it has exploded in popularity. Virtual Sports Betting is a form of gambling that allows you to place bets on sports games without the need for any physical interaction, just like betting online with virtual sports such as football, rugby union, cricket, and tennis was offered at this point.

Since then Virtual Sports Betting has grown exponentially with many more companies launching websites offering different types of virtual sports to bet on including horse racing which is now very popular with many people around the world enjoying placing bets on horses from all over the world. Virtual Sports Betting also offers a number of other betting opportunities but most importantly, Virtual Sports Betting is totally legal and you are not putting your health or safety at risk like with various sports such as boxing that can be found on some Virtual Sports Websites like BK8 online casino Malaysia.


About BK8 Virtual Sports

About BK8 Virtual Sports

About BK8 Virtual Sports

BK8. This website has been around a long time ago and it specializes in virtual sports from all over Asia. In fact, besides being Malaysia’s legal online casino gaming site, they also have the most player-friendly policies of any other gambling venue out there – which means better protection than you’ll ever find at your local brick and mortar casino! BK8 has two different sports betting games which are online sportsbook betting (CMD368 & Maxbet) and virtual sports (Betrader) betting games with various game providers.


Games available in Betradar

Games available in Betradar

Games available in Betradar

Betradar has been a leading provider of online betting software for sports wagering in Malaysia. In 2018, they launched the “In-Play Sports” package which comprises tennis and basketball games to give operators more options when it comes to choosing what bets are available on their games interface.


Virtual Football

With the modern 3D graphics, betting on football has never been more exciting! With two game modes and all of the familiar sounds from sports games like Madden or FIFA 16 that we crave in real life. You can even find out what odds are being offered against each team to help you make your decision for building a winning bet before any match begins.


Virtual Basketball

Betradar has created Virtual Basketball to be as close to real-life basketball betting as possible. Betradar’s design provides an experience that is detailed and realistic, giving the user a unique interaction with the game of basketball.


Virtual Horse Racing

Betradar is a game that anyone can play. You place bets on horses, with the odds calculated by more than 20 different variables to make sure you get the best possible bet. When the race finishes, Betradar shows how close each horse was and what their final position in terms of other racers was!


Virtual Greyhounds

Look no further than the Race Book for your betting needs. Choose from over 30 events and 10 different track options to find that perfect bet, all with varying betting odds!


Virtual Tennis In-play

The stakes are high in this tournament, with 16 players on the court. The action is fast and furious with 4 asynchronous matches going at once for a total of 8 simultaneous games! Betting is done every 6 minutes to keep it exciting while you watch these skilled ballplayers go head-to-head against each other.


How to play

Register at BK8: Registering an account with BK8 is easy. Simply follow the registration process by filling out your preferred username, password and providing personal information to validate your account!

Login and Make a Deposit: Once you have created your account, go to the homepage and click on “Log In.” Enter your password next to Surname as well as a username already set up for you by clicking the button labeled with that name at Step 1 then proceed onto selecting “Next.” This will take users back to their account page where they can now deposit funds into the BK8 e-wallet which has different ways of depositing such as bank deposits or cryptocurrency integration like Bitcoin (BTC).


Select Virtual Sports Betting Game:

Now that you’re logged in to this world, it’s time for virtual sports betting. It is the perfect opportunity for a little wager on your favorite game while getting ready! There are alot of sports games in BK8, you can explore each of them.

You can learn more about how to make your first sport betting in BK8 in our “ Beginner Guide on BK8 Sportsbook Betting “ . It is similar in virtual sport betting.


Advantages to Play Virtual Sports Betting

The BK8 is a place where a person can go and make bets on different sports games without having to leave the comfort of their home. Virtual Sports Betting has plenty of advantages for those that are willing to give it a try. Virtual Sports Betting places you in an environment where you have no distractions. Virtual Sports Betting offers cheap or free bets that people may not be able to make with traditional sports betting on the street. Virtual Sports Betting also allows people to play from anywhere around the world, which is perfect for those that live overseas and want to play in another league.


Bonus and Promotion

Virtual Sports Bonus and Promotion

Virtual Sports Bonus and Promotion

Bet for the best bonuses and promotions with BK8 online sports betting sites. Sporting clubs offer massive bonus offers to entice players, while also providing a variety of perks for old customers as well. For example, some rewards may include huge bonuses or even members-only discounts on merchandise.


Sports Weekly Turnover Bonus

Offering a reward for every turnover, Come over and check out our newest feature!

100% Welcome Bonus

The rewards start with a cool welcome award for every new player who makes their first deposit.

50% Reload Bonus

They will give you up to MYR300 if you put money in their online gambling club! You can win a lot of cash and prizes even just from playing the free games.

5% Daily Reload Bonus

Be rewarded for reloading! Get a 5% reload reward while you are backing your favorite team.

1% Cash Rebate

Wherever you go, make sure to appreciate the daily cash rebate that is withdrawable quickly!


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