918Kiss / 918Kaya APK & iOS FREE Download 2023

918Kaya APK & iOS FREE Download 2021

Don’t know how to download 918Kiss / 918Kaya for FREE? 918Kaya APK & iOS FREE Download 2021. 918Kiss / 918Kaya is an app that allows you to play demo games and get real-time rewards. 918 KAYA has a ton of popular games such as slot games, fishing games, and table casino games! You can also get 918 KAYA on your PC or Laptop too! Here’s everything you need to know about the 918Kiss/ 918Kaya APK & iOS app Download Guide in this blog post!


About 918Kaya APK & iOS

About 918Kiss or 918Kaya APK and iOS

About 918Kiss or 918Kaya APK and iOS

918Kaya (918Kiss) is an online casino that has been operating since 2013. 918Kaya was the original name but became known as 918Kiss after rebranding in 2017 to reflect a more accurate representation of their games and services offered, which include slot games, fishing games, and casino table games with different themes for everyone!

If you are like to play online casino games via mobile, you can download BK8 app in our official site.


How Can I Download 918Kiss / 918Kaya for FREE? Steps -by-Steps Guide

How Can I Download 918Kaya for FREE

How Can I Download 918Kaya for FREE

918Kaya is a great app for those who want to play demo games and get real-time rewards. You can enjoy SCR888 / 918Kiss at BK8 online casino betting site today! The 918Kiss APK or iOS can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device by following the steps below:


918Kiss / 918Kaya Android APK & iOS Steps to Downloads:

Step 1: Click the download button to get your free 918kiss app on Android and iOS. This will redirect to you on the official 918Kiss / 918kaya apk.


Step 2: Select the green download button to start downloading and installing.

*If you already have an account with 918kiss, then your Username and Password are displayed.


Step 3: You will be redirected to a different site, where the URL should stay unchanged.


* Click on the green button “ANDROID” for the android operating system.

*Do you want to download iOS 64-bit? If so, tap the red button below.

*If you have an older iOS device, click the button that says “iOS 32Bit” to install it.


Step 4: You’ll soon see a pop-up message on your Android’s screen, just press “ok” to continue.

how-to-download-918kaya or 918kiss 2

On your iPhone will pop out the notification as shown below, please proceed to press “cancel”.



Step 5: Push the Install button and your phone will start installing 918kiss APK.


For iPhone: You should go to settings > general, then all continental trading Sdn bhd. From there you can go into the “trust” section and allow to run 918Kiss

ios 918kaya or 918kiss download steps


Step 6: You should be able to find the 918kiss app on your home screen.


Step 7: Log in with your account details and enjoy all the games on 918kiss



918Kiss / 918Kaya PC or Laptop Download steps to Download?

The 918Kaya is one of the most popular and fun casino games in Asia, but did you know that it is also available on a PC or Laptop? Check out this article to learn how to download 918Kaya on pc or laptop.

step 1: Download the Nox player, BlueStacks, and Andy to explore all types of mobile gaming. You can download Remix OS for your PC if you’d like a different experience!


What is an Android Emulator?

The Android emulator is a virtual reality program that mimics the functions of an actual mobile device on your computer. The interface includes all the apps and bells you would find in any real-life phone or tablet, but it’s much more convenient to access them from up close on your PC!


How to download an android emulator?

You can download these emulators and install them on your device to play some of the best games around. Nox player (get it here), BlueStacks (get it here), Andy (get it here) are all great options that you should check out!


Step 2: Once you install the emulator, launch it and wait until your emulator is installed.


Step 3: If You Install emulator Successfully, There Should Be An Icon On Your Desktop – It’s Quite Simple To Do And Actually Kinda Fun Too.


Step 4: Download the latest version of 918Kaya for all your gambling needs to win big with their game-changing features from BK8 online casino Malaysia official website.


Step 5: Hit the green Android button.


Step 6: Once the download finish, right-click on the apk and proceed to open with > nox play.


Step 7: You’ll be immediately redirected to the 918Kaya login page. Simply click on “Login” with your mouse, just like how you would when playing on a mobile device!


Note:  918Kaya can only be played on a PC when you open Nox Player. Open the player, and 918Kaya is right there for your enjoyment!



918Kiss / 918Kaya Test ID to Play Demo Games:

Play the demo game by using below 918kiss test id:

Account: test1 – test10000,Password: Aa1234




How to Register 918Kaya Account?

It’s easy to create an account with 918 Kaya! You can register a BK8 account. Fill out your details and choose a username for when you’re verified. Download it at any application store, then try our test ID so that you have unlimited spins available now!





How to Download 918Kiss / 918Kaya [Android / iOS]

918Kaya has an Android APK for those who have never downloaded an app before. 918Kaya can be downloaded using 918kiss apk download on PC or laptop. 918kiss pc download link is below. You can download the apk file by clicking on the 918kaya download link.


How to Claim 918Kaya FREE Credit?

Get that shiny new iPhone you’ve been dreaming of. All it takes is 20 points and a little luck, so sign up for the Monthly Lucky Draw today!

Earn credits with monthly events like perfect attendance or your birthday to get all those freebies you deserve – just one click away on our website. For more information about BK8 Bonuses and Promotions, you can read our related article here.


How to Use 918Kaya Test ID?

Download 918Kaya today, and you can play all the games for free! Log in using 918Kaya Test ID credentials below.

User id: test1000 –test10000 

Password: Aa1234


How to Contact 918Kaya Customer Support?

918kaya strives to provide the best customer service possible and now has expanded on its offerings with a variety of new channels. Whether you prefer by phone or social media, contact 918kaya for live chats that can help answer your questions any time!

918Kaya is committed to providing personalized support when it comes to our customers’ needs. We’ve recently added more ways for users in China (or those who don’t speak English) as well as other international countries where we offer services so they have access regardless of what their preferences are- whether through traditional methods like email or instant messaging platforms such as Whatsapp and Telegram which work great even if there’s no internet connection available.