About IDN Poker Casino Game in BK8


For many years, Poker has been one of the most played games at both online and land-based casinos. Contrary to other casino games, poker is a skill game rather than a luck one. It involves makes lots of critical decisions that determine your fate during the game. If you want to enjoy Poker, one of the best online casinos to give you the best Poker experience is BK8.


This online casino is the home of IDN Poker, the most popular Poker provider in Malaysia and several other regions of the world. IDN Poker utilizes the best web technologies to bring you the best playing experience every time you log into your BK8 account to play. With over 600,000 monthly active players, IDN Poker is by far the largest poker network in Asia.


If you want to know more about IDN Poker and how you play its games, please continue reading. We will share the details about IDN Poker and how you will play their games via BK8’s website. Let’s dive in!


About IDN Poker

IDN Poker is the largest poker provider in Malaysia and Asia, with over 600,000 monthly active players and over 16,000 concurrent players during peak hours. This provider makes it easy for players to place their bets because they accept all the popular currencies in Asia, so one doesn’t have to incur exchange rate charges while making their deposit.


Apps available for Android and iOS



The game is also available for Android and iOS, so you can download their app and play right from your device. IDN Poker boasts about being “The only poker app that lets you play with one hand,” thanks to their well-optimized app that was designed to take advantage of the mobile device displays. Before you play IDN Poker on your mobile device, first you have to download BK8 App and log in to your account to access the poker games.


IDN Poker Private Tables



One of the popular features that players love about IDN Poker is creating a private table, where one can only invite the people they would love to play with. With a private table, only the people with the password will be given access to the table. After creation, the password you wish to join the table can be shared with your friends. If you have friends that you would love to play Poker with, this feature will help you have a private poker experience with them.


Be part of the tournaments

If you want to put your poker skills to test, IDN Poker has tournaments that you can be part of and stand a chance of winning huge prizes. The good news is that you don’t need to pay any money to participate in these tournaments; all you need are the Tcoins (Tournament coins). You can earn these coins by playing any IDNPlay games.


IDN Poker Daily Progressive Jackpot



Players have a chance of winning massive amounts of money through IDN Poker’s progressive Jackpot that is up for grabs every day. For those who may not know, a progressive jackpot is one whose value keeps increasing as more players attempt to win it. So, if you want to win cash that will change the rest of your life, you can always give it a chance whenever you play Poker at BK8.


IDN Poker Game Selection



IDN Poker gives you a couple of poker variants that you can choose from depending on which one you find interesting and engaging. Some of the popular poker variants that INDPoker offers include the following;


  1. Texas Poker

Texas hold ’em is the most popular poker variant globally that you will find at both online and land-based casinos. This version distributes two cards to each player participating in the game and distributes five community cards in three phases. So, the stages consist of dealing three cards in the first one and then one card in each of the final two stages.


Every player selects their two-hole cards and five community cards for their best five-card poker hand once cards are distributed. Players have four betting options: check, call, raise or fold after picking their card combination. After a round of betting, the player with the highest-ranking hand wins all the money in the pot (pool of all bets made in the round).


  1.  Ceme

Ceme poker is also a very popular variant that many Asian players love to play. This game has no more than eight players and no less than 2 players. Before starting the game, each player is dealt with two cards. Players have the opportunity to inspect their hands for the worth of the cards. All players must then disclose their cards, and the one with the greatest card value wins the game. It is that simple!


  1. Domino

Domino Poker involves a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. Before the players are dealt with the cards, each of them is required to put a small amount of money (bet) in the pot. Each hand is dealt with 5 cards face down. So, after the players get the cards, they can choose one of the four options; to check, fold, bet, call or raise. After this, the players have to declare their cards, and the one with the highest-ranking hand wins the money in the pot.


Join BK8 to Play IDN Poker Game

If you want to get the best poker experience, join BK8 today to play IDN Poker. To play Poker on this website, simply click the Poker option from the main menu. All details of IDN Poker may be put on a new web page. To get started, click on “Play Now.” You will be required to log in before gaining access to IND Poker games.





BK8 Bonus and Promotions for Poker Games



When you join BK8, you stand a chance of winning huge bonuses that include a welcome bonus of up to 150%. Besides the bonuses, BK8 also has many other freebies that you can win, including the latest gadgets and cash. For more details about all the promotions running at BK8, check out their Promotions page.